The way it was – A Woman can now have all the gear – and a Helmet!

Women Understand and Enjoy

Women are increasingly experiencing the exhilaration of riding motorcycles and they are no longer content to just be pillion passengers. According to the L.A. Times, women make up about 12% of bike owners and own 10% of Harley Davidson dealerships in the U.S., and the numbers are increasing. This is a growing phenomenon worldwide, as motorbike manufacturers begin to tap into the female market and women realize that they were born to ride.


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New Bike Designs are helping

Some women worry that they might lack the strength and stature to wield a big heavy bike but increasingly motorcycle companies are designing bikes that are lower to the ground and with a shorter reach to the handlebars to cater to the growing female market. A similar pattern is emerging in the area of protective clothing for women. The days where women had to make do with over-sized men’s boots, gloves and jackets is a thing of the past.


Cat-Ears on my Helmet – Why Not?


A Woman can Always have Style










Forget the stereotypes

Women are natural bikers  The image of the tough, reckless cowboy on two wheels is fading rapidly. Women are joining the ranks of motorcyclists in their droves and they bring a pure delight in the freedom of the ride, exultation in the power of their bike, and the pleasure of sharing in a community of like-minded bikers. Thanks to their receptivity, most women soon find a natural ease and confidence on a motorcycle.

The safety numbers are telling

The openness and willingness of women to learn allows them to make the most of the burgeoning number of motorcycle rider-safety training courses. This wiser, more grounded approach to the art of motorcycling accounts in part for the difference in male/female motorcycle death statistics. A 2012 study by the University of NSW concluded that male motorcyclists were 1.6 to 1.7 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries than female motorcyclists. Furthermore, 93% of motorcycle fatalities in Victoria were males. (http://motorbikewriter.com/safer-riders-men-women/)

One in All in

It would appear that women can make the most of the excitement of riding a bike and still stay within their limits.
All types of women are joining the two-wheel brigade; young and old, single, married and mums, teachers, lawyers, doctors and academics. The question is not, ‘why would a woman ride a motorbike’ but rather, ‘why not?’.

Want to know more?

If you have never ridden a motorbike but would like to know more, contact one of the growing number of female motorcycle clubs or indeed, any motorcycle club. You will find most real bikers are pretty helpful. Don’t be put off by the odd bonehead out there (evolution has always produced a few throwbacks): now it’s time for you to get on your bike and join the revolution.
Why not get started on the road to freedom, the thrilling road to motorcycling nirvana.


Vespa on the Clouds by Ivan Ivankovic