Feel the motion

Imagine the joy of using your body as you lean into the sweeping corners, and embrace the sense of exhilaration as you accelerate past the slow moving traffic—this is the thrill of the ride. This visceral, palpable pulse of adrenalin and sheer pleasure makes riding a motorcycle a pleasure seeker’s dream.
Every aspect of riding a motorcycle feeds the senses with unadulterated pleasure. The hearty growl of the powerful engine is music to the ears while the animalistic throb of the mighty beast lurking between your legs all adds up to … a jolly nice experience.


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The freedom of the ride

Riding a motorcycle provides us with a level of independence, a sense of freedom, even liberation that is denied us in our busy, mundane daily working grind or amidst the sterile constrictions of the corporate world. Motorcycles exude freedom. Motorcycles can take you anywhere from the highways to the off-road mountain tracks. With such a huge range of types and sizes of bikes, anyone can enjoy the thrill of riding a motorcycle.

One of the many pleasurable aspects of riding a motorcycle lies in the strong connection you have with your motorcycle and the surroundings.


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The Pleasure

Riding can be a solitary pleasure, just you and your trusty steed, or you can relish the camaraderie of riding with friends or joining club outings.
Even the subtle pleasure of passing between the long lines of deadlocked traffic on your daily commute can be yours when you are one of that privileged class: a motorcyclist. Less time spent travelling to and from work means more time for you.
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Image by khunaspix at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Fuel Savings

There is also that small issue of fuel savings on your daily commute. If saving money gives you a buzz then imagine the joy of getting as much as 100 miles per gallon on your commute.
You owe it to yourself to experience the thrill of riding a motorcycle. The converted know the rewards already: now it’s your turn to embrace the thrill of the ride. A modest initial purchase can get you started on the road to freedom, the thrilling road to motorcycling nirvana.


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